The Official Event Postings

Just a quick guide to the upcoming events for next weekend.

Saturday 5/25:

Tassis Gold rush from 10 am – 1pm $25,000 Lindens up for grabs!

Prose and Poetry contest at 2 pm: “Theme is 3 pillars of Gor” Cash prizes for participants!

Sunday 5/26:

Physician’s scary tale contest by the winery at 9 am : 2k for best story and 1k for second

Riding Vulo Race: 12:30 pm Winner gets 1k, everyone else gets a good laugh!

Administrator’s feast 3 pm SL at the Winery

Celebration Competitions from the Scribes Caste

Calling all talented Tassisians.

As part of the festivities associated with the forthcoming opening ceremony on the weekend of 25th/26th May, the Scribes will be sponsoring an Art contest, and a Poetry and Prose competition. The theme for both will be the Three Pillars of Gor (Home Stone, Caste System and Slavery), so a broad topic for you to let your imagination go wild over, Open to everyone, Free and Slave

For further information please speak to Lady Wimple

Prizes, sponsored by the Caste of Scribes will be awarded

Celebration…. Get involved!

Are you ready for it? Prepared? Do you have a thing you’d like to do?

Celebration time is coming to the Isle of Tassis!

Happening on the weekend of May 25th and 26th there are some massive plans coming.

Thalarion rides if we can get them to travel the stairs without effort, dances performed, contests to win, feasting and much fun to be had as we celebrate at the isle.

We are still accepting ideas or events from all castes, members, and friends if they would like to participate! Please speak to Sylvanus Voss at your earliest convenience. Ideas or events will no longer be accepted after May 21st.

Who, what, where…. Office Hours for the Admin

In an effort to streamline a few things office hours for the Admin are going to go into effect as of May 9th. I can be reached in my offices or on the sim. Introduce yourself, bring forward concerns to be brought to council, ideas, or caste business…. share an ale.

Office hours is of course a loose term but I am going to have the scheduled time to be on the sim to handle role play and other related issues having to do with the running of Tassis.

Hours are as follows with shifts in the morning and evening to help with different time zones:


Tues. // Wed. // Friday

9am SLT – 11 am SLT

5pm SLT – 7pm SLT

Have a good one and Hail Tassis!

The Tassis Tribune: 1st Edition

“Trust the Tribune…the best source for news in Tassis!”

Only 3 Copper Tarsks

Bi-Monthly publication for the Isle of Tassis.
Publisher, Inkfold Corp™
Edited by Sara Inkpen, Contributing Editor, Thrice Threefold
Distributed the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.
Deadlines for submission the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.

⋘⋘⋘⋘⋘⋘ⓑⓡⓔⓐⓚⓘⓝⓖ ⓝⓔⓦⓢ⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙

Tassis Prepares for Grand Opening Festivities

May 25-26th is slated for Tassis to revel in our beautiful city and perhaps show it off to visitors. Everyone should get with their caste leaders, or slaves, your owners. Let’s all pull together to show the pride in our home

✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ⊱from the Editor⊰ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍

Greetings Tassis. Thank you for purchasing your copy of the Tribune. It will be our great pleasure to inform, educate, and enlighten the citizens of Tassis with all the greatest news suitable (and not so suitable) to print. All good forms of communication require input. Know an important bit of news? Have an announcement to make? Holding on to some juicy gossip? Now is your chance to let it be known. The Tribune is only as good as our sources, and you, my friend, just may be that source!



🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉🎉 🎉 ANNOUNCEMENTS 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

The Administration submitted the following names as those swearing to the Tassis Home Stone.

Sylvanus Voss, Scribe
Dello Martov, Scribe
Lammira Resident, Builder
Dragon Resident, Warrior
Kliimus Resident, Warrior
Wimple Ethaniel, Scribe
Jillian Daniels, Scribe
Rosalynne Dawes, Physician
Katerina Amaranth, Physician
Xenon, Merchant

Congratulations to All from the Tassis Tribune Staff. Hail, Tassis.


◈ Story Time May 4 at 8 am
Meet by the winery in the upper city. Open to all.


◈ Free Women of the Veils Sat. May 13 11 am
See Rosa Dawes for more information
Location to be determined.


◈ Tassis Opening Ceremony May 25-26th
See you caste leader and watch this space for more details


Tassis Leadership

Administrator: Sylvanus Voss

Heads of Caste:
Scribes: Wimple Ethaniel
Physicians: Rosalynne Dawes
Builders: Lammira Resident
Warriors: not yet filled
Merchants: Xenon Resident

Chief Magistrate: Dello Martov

Thrice Threefold
Wimple Ethaniel
Sara Inkpen

Rec Rembrandt, Glenvarr Dagger of House of Rembrandt



♛♛♛♛ From the Administrator ♛♛♛♛
Tal Citizens and friends

Welcome to the first edition of our newly printed newspaper headed up by the very capable and talented hands of Thrice and his lady, Sara. I look forward to seeing what they will come up with to keep us entertained and informed. With this latest achievement for our city I can say that I am proud of the efforts we have all made so far.

This first month has been one filled with milestones.

From creating and adapting a working set of laws, to having a dedicated council, to the beauty of the Isle that we inhabit there have been great strides in creating a foundation to last and to grow upon. Each one of you, our zealous citizens make up a part of that foundation. One that I see continually press forward day by day to do whatever it is we can to help our home flourish.

With the conclusion of our first council meeting much was accomplished. The High Magistrate voted in, the Merchant Head of Caste, and we were introduced to a candidate for becoming a magistrate in the near future. We heard reports, and marveled at the hard work of our fellow compatriots with promises of more on the horizon.

Very soon we will be having a celebration. Feasting, frolic and games to earmark the next month. To have more to talk about and remember as each day we create lasting bonds to further knit our growing community together.

I am forever proud of our accomplishments and the dedication shown.

Thank you and Hail Tassis!



※※※※※※※※※※ NEWS ※※※※※※※※※※

The first meeting of the Tassis High Council convened this past week. For those of you missing this historic event, your Tassis Tribune made a transcription. (available in the in world document)


Sinkholes Plague Tassis

Lammira Resident, Chief Builder, said “we believe that all the sinkholes that popped up due to the baths construction have been fixed… proceed with caution in the forested area behind the companionship pavilion.” Thus far, no reports of residents falling into a sinkhole have been reported, nor has any single builder been signaled out for discipline for making this mess.

Some have speculated the sink holes, so far confined to that specific area, is riddles with tunnels for a certain free woman to hide her treasures, Lady Wimple had no comment.


Trust the Tassis Tribune-your best source for news in Tassis



❤♀❤♂❤The Male Perspective and The Womanly Way♀❤♂❤

The scribe pulled out a marking stick and began to write: “What happens when your daughter accepts a companion? Do you suddenly stop being the man in charge? Do you relinquish your right to protect her and over see her life? The simple answer is yes, but we all know that old habits die hard and it isn’t easy to admit that another man will now guide her life. Are you a true Gorean man? If you are then you must accept the patriarchy. Gorean family are always led by the oldest MALE of the family. If you want to be the head of your family? Then have sons!” with that the scribe threw the writing stick to the ground and mumbled the family name of his daughter’s new companion. Despite his current feelings, at least he knew his daughter would be cared for and treated well.


The scribe scowled, but picked the writing stick up from the floor. Gleaning what her mate wrote, she puts her own thoughts to paper. Losing a daughter to companionship, even a good match, is harder for women, she writes.

Everyone knows caste is passed from the father to the child. but the mother teaches their child, and in the case of a daughter, argues and prods, and often becomes good friends. Someone who, while learning, actually helps run the household. A father worries about their daughter’s physical safety and well being, a mother worries about that but also their emotional state. Is she happy? Was she afraid? Did she. as her mother, do all she could to prepare their daughter to face the world? And why doesn’t she ever write or call! And where’s my grandchildren!



🙈 🙉 🙊 🙈 🙉 🙊 Tassis Tattletale 🙈 🙉 🙊 🙈 🙉 🙊

Gossip, I mean information from around the port that you KNOW you just can’t live without!

Have you found Waldo, Wally or is that Walderin yet? I hear he has launched some new ships designs out to sea! However, none have come back yet, but we are positive that something might come back. See Rec Rembrandt for your wagers.

I hear the physicians are salivating, ok maybe Just Lady Rosa, at the opportunity to test medical clinical trials on defying Gorean gravity. She was seen leaving the infirmary commenting on some new slave girl “my Priest Kings, how do those puffy things remain so rigid, may have found a new way to hang my robes”

The Scribes have been growing in size, maybe they multiple with just water. The secret, now not so secret investigation is under way!

Is there any truth to these barbarian land rumors some of these crazed beasts talk about? People usually shun such matters but some of the attire recently seen does make someone pause and go “What the Flavarian Float is that??”

Sara lives here now. I know, I am not joking!

Newsflash: the Infirmary is locked, it is not a free for all grab kanda marketplace, in which we do not stock either. Last poor soul that did that ate poisoned kanda, so sad, can’t even recall the name now either, so sad too. I have tears in my eyes truly!

Lady Gaga Binx

⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤ OOC Information ⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤⬤

The Tassis Tribune is meant to be IC only and for IC fun and entertainment. Nothing posted in this paper is meant to be taken personally, it is all in good fun. If you have any questions or concerns about the paper please contact Sara Inkpen or Thrice Threefold.

Read all about it….

There has been a lot more going on than you might realize for the City of Tassis. Roles being filled, people coming on board, new areas for our RP pleasure.

I don’t want to give up too much because one of the new pieces that has been placed is a newspaper. Sara Inkpen has come to Tassis and in so doing will be joining the ranks in helping create more to distinguish our home. So anything that I might say or might write about will be found there.

The Tassis Tribune is set to have it’s first initial release this coming Sunday, April 28th. The Tribune will be a bi-weekly publication, those wishing to present articles or pieces to be added to the newspaper must do so by the Friday prior. For this first publication the deadline for articles is April 26th.

Have an idea or a story, please contact or see Sara. Tribune offices are right off of the dock so hard to miss. The paper will be provided in world in note card form as well as posted here on the website.

The back alley docks of the Isle of Tassis

If you like your RP a little bit less than elegant a new area has been created on the sim. A little rougher of an area where a tavern is situated and a few pieces of housing. The docks for this area can be reached through the back doors of the stores in front of it or around the side near the slave house.

Hail Tassis!

OOC Notes from the Admin:

We have a flickr group! Post, share, enjoy!

As an added note things have been going great with a lot of growth and new people coming in. Please keep it up and don’t get discouraged during the quieter times! Everyone has those moments and with holidays, warmer weather in some areas it’s bound to come into play.

As we progress further into our RP and grow there are certain reminders or things that come up.

◈ As was said the last post. Please refrain from using parentheses within RP. There shouldn’t be OOC comments within the IC nearby chat pane.

Take it to IM’s or a conference if necessary.

◈ As per the rules of the sim fires, disasters, naturally occurring or otherwise that will alter the landscape or city structure or the buildings within the city must be done with Admin consent. These actions or story lines cannot just happen on a whim.

Shouts! Shouts do not have their place in RP.

The option to shout in SL is an implausible amount of distance from where a person is standing. There is no way you could hear someone from half way across the sim. Shouts should NOT be used for role play purposes.

A person who shouts for help in this manner does not need to be responded to if you don’t wish to. Those that use shouts will be reminded about our policy.

The Week in Review

Opened for our first full week a few patterns seem to be developing. We have a good start at a day time crowd of folks who enjoy our city, the evenings it gets quieter. One has to wonder… how do we get a thriving night life like we do our day times!

We are steadily growing with several physicians along with a scribe or two joining the city ranks. A new Lady working the cafe, along with a baker and a mercenary thrown into the mix.

We also now have a slaver who is working here in a very different way. Welcome Rec Rembrandt and his house as a part of Tassis.

Other news that you might find of interest is the new Bath House! Hidden and tucked within the cliffs of the city and into the belly of the island. A beautiful new addition for residents to enjoy. There is also a place of worship, a small temple for the Initiates and the devoted in the upper city behind the Scribe and Physician’s halls.

Tassis Baths – entrance located in the lower city next door to the Merchant’s caste headquarters.

More to come from the builders soon!

OOC Note from the Admin:

A reminder for our citizenry and role-players. We are an immersive environment looking to create a story and atmosphere. There have been several times within the past week, things I’ve witnessed myself even of IC and OOC becoming mingled together.

When going afk, have other things going on or have something to discuss about the current RP please take it to IM’s and out of the role play or find a way to incorporate it _plausibly_ within the role play. Take a nap, become thoughtful, excuse yourself and go to an out of the way spot. Keep role play in role play, OOC to IM’s and chats.

There should be VERY limited use of parentheses, it really should not be done.

Example of what _not_ to do: long beautiful role play post where everyone applauds the greatness of the writer typing out their actions. (brb, taking out the dog)

Thank you!

First and Foremost

The first days of our new endeavor are upon us and it definitely began with some interesting events throughout the day.

From the nefarious thief who was determined to try to first kidnap one of our ladies, breaking into the infirmary to see what sorts of things he might pilfer to the more pleasant notable happenings of the day I wanted to take a few moments to congratulate everyone for their work to get us this far.

We have had an influx of new people, a physician or two, a cook for the cafe, a newly arrived warrior with aspirations of becoming an ambassador and anyone else I have missed. All promising and welcome these people along with the already steady hand of those who came to start from the ground up to get the laws and foundation of our new home settled have truly shown me what a bit of focus and hard work can do. I am glad to have you all and look forward to the stories we will create.

Not only was the thief thwarted in a way that usually wouldn’t happen we were able to have a very positive moment when we took the opportunity to have the renewal ceremony for the admin and his lady.

Springing it upon her at the last moment surprising not only her but the populous of the city all were able to share in this occasion as we moved forward opening up our new home. What a way to begin!

So thank you for giving us a shot. We will be scheduling Home Stone swearings soon and more role play opportunities.

Hail Tassis! To our continued growth.