First and Foremost

The first days of our new endeavor are upon us and it definitely began with some interesting events throughout the day.

From the nefarious thief who was determined to try to first kidnap one of our ladies, breaking into the infirmary to see what sorts of things he might pilfer to the more pleasant notable happenings of the day I wanted to take a few moments to congratulate everyone for their work to get us this far.

We have had an influx of new people, a physician or two, a cook for the cafe, a newly arrived warrior with aspirations of becoming an ambassador and anyone else I have missed. All promising and welcome these people along with the already steady hand of those who came to start from the ground up to get the laws and foundation of our new home settled have truly shown me what a bit of focus and hard work can do. I am glad to have you all and look forward to the stories we will create.

Not only was the thief thwarted in a way that usually wouldn’t happen we were able to have a very positive moment when we took the opportunity to have the renewal ceremony for the admin and his lady.

Springing it upon her at the last moment surprising not only her but the populous of the city all were able to share in this occasion as we moved forward opening up our new home. What a way to begin!

So thank you for giving us a shot. We will be scheduling Home Stone swearings soon and more role play opportunities.

Hail Tassis! To our continued growth.