The Week in Review

Opened for our first full week a few patterns seem to be developing. We have a good start at a day time crowd of folks who enjoy our city, the evenings it gets quieter. One has to wonder… how do we get a thriving night life like we do our day times!

We are steadily growing with several physicians along with a scribe or two joining the city ranks. A new Lady working the cafe, along with a baker and a mercenary thrown into the mix.

We also now have a slaver who is working here in a very different way. Welcome Rec Rembrandt and his house as a part of Tassis.

Other news that you might find of interest is the new Bath House! Hidden and tucked within the cliffs of the city and into the belly of the island. A beautiful new addition for residents to enjoy. There is also a place of worship, a small temple for the Initiates and the devoted in the upper city behind the Scribe and Physician’s halls.

Tassis Baths – entrance located in the lower city next door to the Merchant’s caste headquarters.

More to come from the builders soon!

OOC Note from the Admin:

A reminder for our citizenry and role-players. We are an immersive environment looking to create a story and atmosphere. There have been several times within the past week, things I’ve witnessed myself even of IC and OOC becoming mingled together.

When going afk, have other things going on or have something to discuss about the current RP please take it to IM’s and out of the role play or find a way to incorporate it _plausibly_ within the role play. Take a nap, become thoughtful, excuse yourself and go to an out of the way spot. Keep role play in role play, OOC to IM’s and chats.

There should be VERY limited use of parentheses, it really should not be done.

Example of what _not_ to do: long beautiful role play post where everyone applauds the greatness of the writer typing out their actions. (brb, taking out the dog)

Thank you!