Read all about it….

There has been a lot more going on than you might realize for the City of Tassis. Roles being filled, people coming on board, new areas for our RP pleasure.

I don’t want to give up too much because one of the new pieces that has been placed is a newspaper. Sara Inkpen has come to Tassis and in so doing will be joining the ranks in helping create more to distinguish our home. So anything that I might say or might write about will be found there.

The Tassis Tribune is set to have it’s first initial release this coming Sunday, April 28th. The Tribune will be a bi-weekly publication, those wishing to present articles or pieces to be added to the newspaper must do so by the Friday prior. For this first publication the deadline for articles is April 26th.

Have an idea or a story, please contact or see Sara. Tribune offices are right off of the dock so hard to miss. The paper will be provided in world in note card form as well as posted here on the website.

The back alley docks of the Isle of Tassis

If you like your RP a little bit less than elegant a new area has been created on the sim. A little rougher of an area where a tavern is situated and a few pieces of housing. The docks for this area can be reached through the back doors of the stores in front of it or around the side near the slave house.

Hail Tassis!

OOC Notes from the Admin:

We have a flickr group! Post, share, enjoy!

As an added note things have been going great with a lot of growth and new people coming in. Please keep it up and don’t get discouraged during the quieter times! Everyone has those moments and with holidays, warmer weather in some areas it’s bound to come into play.

As we progress further into our RP and grow there are certain reminders or things that come up.

◈ As was said the last post. Please refrain from using parentheses within RP. There shouldn’t be OOC comments within the IC nearby chat pane.

Take it to IM’s or a conference if necessary.

◈ As per the rules of the sim fires, disasters, naturally occurring or otherwise that will alter the landscape or city structure or the buildings within the city must be done with Admin consent. These actions or story lines cannot just happen on a whim.

Shouts! Shouts do not have their place in RP.

The option to shout in SL is an implausible amount of distance from where a person is standing. There is no way you could hear someone from half way across the sim. Shouts should NOT be used for role play purposes.

A person who shouts for help in this manner does not need to be responded to if you don’t wish to. Those that use shouts will be reminded about our policy.