A few words from the Admin

I’ve been in SL for over a decade and I have never run a role play sim. I’ve done a lot of role play but I didn’t want the big job.

Never craved it. Never really looked for it. So how the hell did I get here?

My path in role play has always been heavily influenced by me doing what I felt was the right thing for me at the time. The right decision.

Recently I was faced with one of those moments. I was given the task of deciding just what I wanted to deal with in my time that is supposed to be relaxing.

About four months ago a friend of mine from outside of Gor has this brilliant idea. She wanted to RP Gor, never had before so took to wandering. Never finding a place she liked she started building a sim. About three months ago she showed me what she had been working on and asked me if I wanted to be the admin, or a part of it. I liked the sim but I dismissed it, turned it down. I had a home. I had a place I was working for.

After a particularly frustrating span this past week I was visiting my friends sim walking the roads, thinking how much I liked it. It was quiet but it felt like there could be a bustling city around me, and it occurred to me, why am I fighting so hard for someone else’s vision when I could instead invest in my own. It was right there and within that precise moment something clicked over and a decision was made.

Someone that I admire and grew to call friend has in his ID, “we built the sim we wanted to join.”

I guess it’s my turn.

Welcome to the Isle of Tassis, I hope to build great things with you.