Isle of Tassis Free Citizen Application

Thank you for your interest in our city. We are always looking to recruit active role-players. If you would like to become a member of our groups and make Tassis your home, please complete the below sections.


1) Please note that this is a Southern Sim, and while different cultures are welcomed to visit, if you plan to make Tassis your home and live and work here, you will abide by the traditions of the Southern Cities i.e. fully covered, hair up and veils for High Caste Free Women.

2) Avatars under thirty (30) days old will not be accepted for citizenship without express permission from the Sim Admins. You must contact one of them BEFORE submitting an application form.

3) Full citizenship will only be granted to those applicants who have sworn to the Tassis Home Stone. Regular Home Stone swearing ceremonies are held at varying times. You do not need to swear to the Home Stone to reside in Tassis.

4) Companioned couples do not need do two separate applications. Please include their SL names.

5) Slaves can be included on their owners applications. They do NOT need to submit separate application forms. Please include their SL names, it makes them easier to find and add.


The Application Form is SHORT, we don’t need to know where you have been, or your entire Gorean life story, that is for role play. We just need the basics to get you settled into Tassis.

Citizen Application
Are you Companioned? *
Do you need housing?


The initial application process can take up to two days (48 hours) depending upon volume of applicants. If you have not received a response after two days then please IM Sylvanus Voss

Once you have the Tassis Citizen Group tag, everything else can be handled in role play. Your potential Head of Caste, or the Scribes can help you petition to join a Caste and OOC you will receive a Welcome Pack full of information aimed to help you settle into your new home.