Isle of Tassis Housing and Businesses


There are a limited number of housing options upon the isle for players to take advantage of.

Singles: 50 prims at 100L/week

2 Story Townhouse: 75 prims at 150L/week

2 Story Manor House: 125 prims at 200L/week

3 Story Tower: 125 prims at 200L/week

These are usually on a first come first served basis. You must be a citizen/resident of the isle to rent a unit and need the Isle of Tassis group to be able to rezz items or use the doors.

If you would like to be notified if a rental becomes open you can by clicking the rental box and choosing to be alerted if it does.

Those choosing to reside here on the isle will be subject to the laws, rules and community standards set forth. Anyone griefing, causing issues, or making themselves unruly neighbors will be warned.


There are open buildings and smaller market stalls created with the intent for merchants and entrepreneurs to create thriving role play opportunities for Tassis. Interested merchants and role players who have an idea for something that can be created may contact the administration to propose their idea for approval and see if there is a suitable building available for their use free of charge with a moderate prim allowance.

There are also businesses that are already established that can be managed or run by a player. These include:

  • Lower City Cafe – Taken
  • Bakery
  • Tavern
  • Paga Den/Tavern
  • Baths
  • Blacksmith
  • Inn
  • Farm
  • Winery – Taken
  • Upper City Cafe – taken
  • Vintner/Farm