Chapter 2: Free Women Laws


Free Women will conduct themselves with decorum and modesty in public, as appropriate for their social station and political status.

2.1.1 The wearing of a veil, and headscarf by a Free Woman is not a matter of Law but for the protection of the Free Woman, the choice remains with the Free Woman, but she must be prepared for the consequences if her actions if she does not cover up.. None the less Free Women are to wear their hair up and off of the neck as is traditional in most Southern Cities, High Caste Free Women will veil while Low Caste Free Women may choose to go without at their own risk. The veil by tradition is meant to conceal and protect a Free Woman.

2.1.a Citizens and residents of City of Tassis witnessing immodest behavior by a Free Woman may choose to bring the matter to the attention of her father, legal guardian, companion, or protector of said Free Woman. Alternatively, they may file a complaint with a Magistrate of City of Tassis.

2.1.2 Free Women should always be dressed modestly; covered by robes of concealment. Robes of concealment cover as much flesh as possible; . Low Caste Free Women may show their lower arms due to Caste work necessities.

2.1.3 No Free Woman of City of Tassis who meets the criteria for citizenship outlined in the City of Tassis Laws will be enslaved without express permission from a Magistrate of City of Tassis unless one, or more of the following criteria is met:

2.1.3.a The Free Woman dresses herself as a slave in public of her own volition.

2.1.3.b The Free Woman publicly, or privately calls herself before another Free Person, a slave. There must be at least two witnesses to such a declaration before said Free Woman can be enslaved , or the matter will be handled by the City of Tassis Courts.

2.1.3.c The Free Woman willingly and of her own volition submits. There must be at least one witness (not the person accepting the submission, one additional witness), to such an act before the Free Woman can be collared.

2.1.3.d The Free Woman is enslaved by her Head of Household, or companion.

2.1.4 Any Free Person who is enslaved automatically loses their Caste, Caste protections as well as any other rights, or political entitlements.

2.1.5 Forcibly face-stripping a Free Woman of City of Tassis who meets the criteria for citizenship outlined in the City of Tassis Laws is a serious offense. As is the rape, or attempted rape of a Free Woman of City of Tassis.

2.1.6 A Free Woman may submit herself as a slave to a specific man. If he refuses her submission, she will be remanded into the custody of a Magistrate of City of Tassis to determine whether her behavior is sufficiently slave like to warrant her being permanently enslaved, If enslaved she will become the property of the City of Tassis Dock Master..

2.1.7 Free Women are permitted to escape, or attempt escape from a captor. If they return to City of Tassis they will be afforded all their previous rights of citizenship and the protection of the Home Stone unless enough evidence can be shown as to their suitability for the collar.

2.1.8 Free Women are not permitted to enter the tavern.

2.1.9 Insulting, or disrespectful speech towards a man by itself is not a punishable offence. Punishable offense will be presided over by the Law Makers of City of Tassis. Examples of punishable behavior , which might result in enslavement, nclude, but are not limited to:

2.1.9.a Public nudity; uncovered chest, shoulders, legs, etc…

2.1.9.b Refusing to display her thigh if requested by a Merchant Magistrate, City Magistrate, or other Law Officials when a warrant has been issued by the Head Magistrate.

2.1.9.c Spying on Free Men and slaves, repetitive lingering around slave markets, or Slave Houses unless their Caste work includes such. For example; they are of the Caste of Slavers.

2.1.9.d Non-Slaver Free Women exhibiting an interest in bondage.

2.1.9.e Public displays of lust.

2.1.9.f Vagrancy, or other criminal behavior.

2.1.9.g Performing slave dance in public.

2.1.9.h Kneeling before a Free Man, or calling a Free Man, Master.

2.1.9.i Having a visible brand without manumission paper.

2.1.9.j Refusal, or inability to pay debts.

2.1.9.k Repeated public drunkenness.

2.1.9.l Any Free Woman of City of Tassis, convicted of theft, by a Magistrate of City of Tassis on more than one occasion.

All Free Women, including Merchants, and Low Caste Free Women may own and operate their own property (including slaves), houses, businesses, or estates.

Free Women are free to move about City of Tassis without escort. Women may leave the City without an escort, however, the accompaniment of a Guard, or Warrior of City of Tassis is advised.

2.3.1 Free Women may not enter the Warrior’s Hall un-escorted unless they are of the Warrior Caste, or a member of the Physician caste conducting business. Non-Warrior caste Free Women, or Free Men found within the Warriors Hall un-escorted are at the mercy of the Warrior’s Caste for questioning. Those caught trespassing on more than one occasions will be arrested and prosecuted for their behavior. The punishment for such will be decided by a Magistrate of City of Tassis but may include; fines, whipping, or enslavement.

A Free Woman has the right to negotiate the terms of any contract for companionship, unless it is being arranged by her father, adoptive father, or legal guardian.

2.4.1 Free Women are not required to take the last name of their Companions for it is neither customary nor traditional, it is not encouraged, nor is it forbidden.