Chapter 3: Caste Laws


3.1. CASTE
All Free Persons of City of Tassis, both citizens and residents must belong to a Caste.

3.1.a Only those Free Persons who have sworn to the Home Stone may be granted admittance to the Warrior Caste in City of Tassis.

3.1.b Only those Free Persons who have sworn to the Home Stone may be appointed to High Council, political, or ruling positions
3.1.1 Any Free Person of City of Tassis found without a caste shall be required to petition a Caste for admittance or be declared an outlaw and forfeit all privileges granted under citizenship of City of Tassis. New citizens of City of Tassis are afforded a two-week grace period to petition a City of Tassis Caste for membership without fear of legal ramifications.

3.1.3 Free Persons of City of Tassis who are not sworn citizens of City of Tassis will retain membership of their Caste but lose the right to Caste sanctuary. Caste sanctuary is when the caste aids a Free Person in a state of economic crisis, or family disownment. Sanctuary provides protection and if needed monetary support,

3.1.4 Free Women may belong to any High, or Low Caste, but cannot be part of the Initiate, or the Assassin Caste. Free Men may belong to any Caste.

Any Free Person of City of Tassis wishing to join a Caste must petition the Caste desired through either the Head of that Caste, or a Caste Registration Record certified by a Scribe of City of Tassis. If the Caste does not have a Head, Chief or proper Representation, the Administrator or Regent shall certify the Caste Registration.

3.2.a Any Free Person of City of Tassis wishing to change Caste shall be given the opportunity to do so. This initial allowance does not grant them the rights and privileges of being a full member of any Caste.

3.2.b All Caste changes must be approved by the City of Tassis High Council. Brought to the attention of the High Council through a petition signed and sealed by the Free Persons previous and intended Heads of Caste.

3.2.c Full Caste membership shall be granted only when Heads of Castes are confident that all skill requirements are met, and the applicant can fulfill the duties and responsibilities of their new Caste.

3.2.1 Free Women of City of Tassis may choose to assume the Caste of their companion. The Caste must accept their admission, but the Free Woman may not practice Caste work until suitable apprenticeship training has been completed to the satisfaction of that Castes Head of Caste.

3.2.2 A Free Person of City of Tassis may be an active member of one Caste, but own a business that relates to his, or her skills. The Magistrates of City of Tassis may intervene if suitable evidence is provided that the Free Person in question is performing the work of a different Caste and breaking City of Tassis Laws.

Requirements, procedures, structure, rankings and training information for Caste entry should be clearly stated and given to all applicants who request to join the Castes of City of Tassis.

3.3.1 The structure, ranking, training requirements, etc… shall be determined at the Head of each Caste’s discretion. Any issues pertaining to such should be brought to the attention of the Administrator/Regent who retains right to rule over matters of City administration.

3.3.1 Heads of Caste will provide training for all apprentices to their Caste. Training systems shall be applied uniformly, concisely and fairly to all involved.

Any Free Person of City of Tassis wishing to change their Caste must do so through the City of Tassis Scribes. A petition to change Castes must be signed by three people before it can be brought to the attention of the High Council; The Free Persons Current Head of Caste, their intended Head of Caste and a City of Tassis Scribe.

3.4.a A Free Person of City of Tassis cannot change Caste or undertake different Caste work without the approval of the corresponding Heads of Castes and the High Council.

3.4.b A petition to change Caste is not a guarantee of Caste change. The High Council will review each petition and vote upon it accordingly. The needs of the Home Stone will be taken into account.

3.4.c No Free Man, or Free Woman can be legally admitted into a new Caste without the Change of Caste Contract. This Law does not apply to Free Women assuming the Caste of their companion.

3.4.c No Free Person can change their Caste if they have charges still outstanding on their person.

The removal of, or denial of Caste shall fall within the following conditions:

3.5.1 The Head of Caste retains the right to refuse to admit any person into their relevant Caste.

3.5.2 Caste members who are classed as apprentices may be removed from the Caste at the Head of Castes sole discretion.

3.5.3 Caste members who are classed as full members of a Caste may be removed from the Caste only if there is evidence of misconduct, or malfeasance that cannot be rectified through lesser punitive measures. The removal of a full Caste member from a Caste requires a vote of the High Council.

3.5.4 Caste members who are removed from or denied entry to a Caste have the right of appeal before the High Council voting audience.

3.5.5 Caste members found guilty of crimes during trial may be excluded from their Caste, or outlawed by the High Council, Regent and Ubarate.

3.5.6 Any Head of Caste found to be abusing their position of power; refusing Caste admission, removing people from their Caste, etc… for their own personal gain will be considered guilty of treason. It is an act that harms the Home Stone.

Any Free Man who refuses to practice their Caste, or any Free Person that strives to alter their Caste without permission of the High Council will be stripped of Caste and declared an outlaw.

3.6.1 Free Women are not required to perform Caste work; if they choose not to do so.

3.6.2 A Free Man may retain membership of Caste but must submit retirement papers if they are no longer able to complete their Caste duties. Failure to legalize the status of retirement may lead to judicial repercussions.

3.6.2.a Those Caste members who have submitted certified retirement papers will retain Caste sanctuary, the right to vote, and the right to attend Caste meetings.

It is the duty of all City of Tassis Heads of Castes to enforce their Caste Law and respective Caste Code, ensuring that all Caste related incidents are dealt with accordingly and successfully. When such incidents are not dealt with swiftly and efficiently the Regent and the City of Tassis Magistrates retain the right to intervene.

Heads of Caste, commonly known as first in Caste, Caste Leader, or Ruler; is the highest-ranking member of that Caste. They are responsible for representing their Caste during High Council meetings, enforcing Caste Laws and Codes.

3.8.1 Heads of Caste are appointed by the High Council, Regent and Ubarate from the most qualified members of their Caste.

3.8.1.a Caste member may petition the High Council to with regards to the removal of their Head of Caste upon presenting evidential