The city of Tassis Sim Rules

If one sailed to the North and the West of the Cosian Islands, hidden from the wandering eyes, one would find the beautiful and pristine archipelago of Apus with the trading city of Tassis in its center.

The City of Tassis is a full immersion, BTB Gorean roleplay sim.

ADULT CONTENT: Role play scenarios may involve; nudity, sex, rape, violence, abuse, domination, capture, combat, kidnapping and other acts that some people might find objectionable are common in Tassis. If you are easily offended you may wish to leave the sim now. You must be OVER eighteen (18) to role play in Tassis.

The following rules are OOC rules that will be enforced by the Tassis Admin and Moderators. Anyone wishing to role play in Tassis will be asked to adhere to them.


Community Standards

General Sim Rules

Role Play Rules

Abduction, Kidnapping, and Combat

Approved Weapons List

Raid Rules



Sim Admin are responsible for the OOC (Out Of Character) running of the sim. They deal with applications, housing, managing the moderators, etc… Moderator ensure the OOC (Out Of Character) Tassis Sim Rules are followed.

Sim Admin and Moderators do NOT moderate role-play, nor will they direct, or interfere with ongoing role play unless an OOC (Out Of Character) sim rule is broken, (meta-gaming, god-modding, etc…).

If the OOC Sim Rules are broken then call a Moderator. They will ask what rule has been broken and handle the situation as swiftly as possible, so role play can continue. Arguing with a Moderator, or Sim Admin, or showing any disrespect to the person attempting to do their job and remain impartial, will not be tolerated.

ADMINS – Sylvanus Voss

MODERATORS – Wimple Ethaniel, Rosalynne Dawes