Approved Weapons List

All weapons MUST be Gorean in appearance, we will allow some leeway on this, but weapons that look futuristic, or fantastical are not acceptable.

The use of non Gorean weapons will result in being immediately banned from the Sim. Such weapons include, but not limited to: spamming tools, guns, explosive devices, light sabers, mechanical weapons, push weapons, magic penis shooters, etc…

Modified weapons, weapons created by yourself, etc… are NOT permitted. Weapon makers are NOT allowed to use their own weapons. Weapons must be the latest version and must be available for public sale:

When in doubt about a weapon, please speak with an Admin, or Sim Moderator for clarification.

PFC | PFCWeapons | Melee & Ranged

LR | LRWeapons Chrome | Melee & Ranged

The Forge/EZ | EZ Weapons (EZWeaponry) | Melee & Ranged

Equinox | EquinoxSecurity | Melee & Ranged

Markz | Markz McMahon | Melee & Ranged
Iroas | IroasWeapons | Melee & Ranged

GTS Weapons | GTS Weapons (gtsweapons Diabolito) | Melee & Ranged

Jungle Weapons | JungleWeaponS | Melee & Ranged

Vo-Fang Weapons (VF/VFX) | Tungsten Inventor | Melee & Ranged

Anyon | AnyonWeapons | Melee

Myst Weapons | ƘƛƓƠƦ (mormorymor Streeter) | Melee & Ranged

Ancient Builds | Jake Molinaro | Melee & Ranged

Regardless of maker, the following is illegal in Tassis

◈ No using more than one damage scripted weapon at once.
◈ Female Swords/Scimitars
◈ Custom Made Weapons
◈ Hybrid Weapons (Weapons which are bow/sword at once)
◈ Weapons With Incorrect Strike Type
◈ Bolas, Wrist Blades, Blowguns, Blowpipes, Dart Rifles & Ballista.
◈ Combo weapons.
◈ Unusual Arrows