City of Tassis Community Standards

We want Tassis to be a friendly and accepting role play environment. A strong community that welcomes new members with open arms. One that strives to maintain the distinction between IC (In Character) and OOC (Out Of Character) interactions, where people do not take role play too seriously, or personally. To this aim we have created the Tassis Community Standards.

Anyone role playing in Tassis is expected to adhere to these Community Standards.

These community standards apply to all OOC communication; group chat, IM, Discord, etc.

IC/OOC SEPARATION – We will strive to maintain a clear distinction between IC role play and OOC behavior. No one shall be forced or required to use titles within any OOC context or forum including slaves calling someone Master or Mistress, or a free person being called such at their discretion.

OOC COMMUNICATIONS – We will show each other respect in our OOC communications. Opinions are fine, accept that everyone might not share yours and do not berate them for having theirs. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

OOC ISSUES – If OOC issues arise we expect members of the Tassis community and its visitors to behave like adults and deal with these issues as such. Speak privately, try to find an amicable solution. Sort your issues quietly without involving others. If this fails; mute/block exist for a reason; simply cease communication. Sharing IM logs, using group chat to cause drama, harassment, etc… will not be tolerated.

HARASSMENT – Threatening, abusive and insulting language, or behavior towards other role players will NOT be tolerated in any form of OOC communication. Nor will continued harassment if you have been asked to stop, or cease communication.

GROUP CHAT – Group chats and discord are for OOC discussion. IC discussion should be kept to a minimum. Discussing on-going role play can lead to inadvertent meta-gaming. Keep IC information IC to allow ongoing role play to be conducted in local without OOC interference. Group chats are open to a wide range of topics. For the sake of harmony, please think before you type. Some topics can lead to heated debates, or leave people feeling ostracized. Sim Moderation matters should never be discussed in Group Chat.

ADMINS & MODS – Please treat the Admin & Moderators with respect. They freely give up their time to help keep the sim running. Any issues with them should be addressed directly to them. Insulting them, or berating them in IM, group chat, or on discord is not acceptable especially when they are upholding the Community Standards, or enforcing the Sim Rules.

The Community Standards will be enforced like other OOC Tassis Sim Rules. Failure to adhere to them can result in warnings, or a ban from the Tassis Sim/Groups.