Death in Tassis requires a valid IC reason. There must be at least thirty minutes of role play before a death can occur; role play focused on the characters involved in the death scene. A valid death requires a minimum of thirty (30) words of role play, or three separate emotes, each a minimum of ten (10) words. These emotes must be detailed and describe the action of killing.

If the Tassis Admin, or Moderators discover the involvement of OOC grudges, or meta-gaming in any death role-play then the kill will be invalidated and those involved will be warned/banned. All death role-play should be saved to notecard in-case a Moderator is called.

Death in Tassis is NEVER permanent unless agreed by both sides before the role-play commences.

If you are killed in Tassis, you will remain a zCS Meter ghost for a minimum of 24 hours. Suicide is discouraged. Any death resulting from suicide will last seven (7) days and not 24 hours.

Deaths by Assassins must adhere to the Black Caste Laws.