General Sim Rules

OBSERVERS: are permitted, an observer tag can be picked up at the Landing Point, and must be worn at all times. Gorean attire must be worn, the observer must not interact with players in Local Chat, or interfere in any way with ongoing role play

AVATARS: Gorean clothing MUST be worn. Human avatars must be adult looking and over the age of 18 with a minimum height requirement of 5’8″ tall or 1.727.

Gorean animal avatars ARE permitted with admin approval. Kurri avatars are PROHIBITED. If your avatar is less than thirty (30) days old you must contact a Sim Admin or Moderator to role play in Tassis.

METERS: Visitors of Tassis MUST wear a valid and up-to-date version of the zCS Meter when leaving the landing point skybox. In role play areas your meters should be set to either; role-play, or combat. AFK may be used to denote being away from your keyboard, but please move to a quiet spot. Setting meters to OOC is ONLY permitted for moderation situations. If you are not wearing a valid meter you will ejected until the situation is rectified.

OOC vs IC: Anyone role-playing in Tassis is expected to understand the distinction between IC (In Character) and OOC (Out Of Character). If we discover OOC reasons bleeding into IC action then any role-play surrounding that will be shut down by the Moderators and the involved parties will be issued a warning/banned. We will not tolerate any form of OOC abuse, or bullying. If you have a problem please deal with it in an adult fashion, or mute and role-play ban that person.

OOC RELATIONSHIPS & HARASSMENT: OOC relationships develop, and should be consensual. Trying to force others into OOC relationships, repeatedly asking for real life pictures, voice, IM details, RL information, etc…. is NOT acceptable. Anyone trying to coerce others into any of the above will be permanently banned from Tassis.

GROUP CHAT: Group chat is provided for OOC purposes. Discussing ongoing role-play is NOT allowed, it can lead to accidental meta-gaming. Participants are to remain polite and respectful to other players at all times, no excessive bad language, direct attacks, or any contents which might cause offense. Anyone not adhering to these guidelines will lose the ability to chat in group at the discretion of the Admin.

ALTS: Players may have 2 active characters within Tassis with Admin approval with the understanding that only one may hold authority or position at any given time. Anyone using Alts for nefarious purposes will be warned, repeated offenses will result in a ban.

LIMITS: Unreasonable, un-Gorean personal limits will NOT be recognized. Limits such as; no collaring, no binding, no punishment, etc. Tassis is a full immersion, Gorean role-play sim and we will adhere to the books as closely as possible.