Roleplay Rules

Tassis encourages para and semi-para role play, but ALL role players are welcome. Standard role play etiquette is expected; following post order and allowing other role players adequate time to respond.

NO TELEPORTING OUT OF ROLE PLAY, OR COMBAT: Teleporting out of role play, bindings, or capture to avoid continuing the role play will result in a sim ban. The ban will remain in place until the person teleporting out agrees to return and resume role play.

ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: Think before you act; role players in Tassis are expected to role play the consequences of their characters actions to their conclusion. Tassis Admin and moderators will NOT interfere with on-going role-play unless it contravenes these Sim Rules.

CHARACTER RE-ROLL: Re-rolling your character will not be allowed with legal issues pending, you will first need to role play your punishment or the consequences to those actions. Re-rolled characters will leave active role play for one week, and return with a different name, back story, and history. Re-rolled characters cannot retain position, possession or status without justifiable story line.

CONTENTIOUS RP: The Tassis Admin and Moderators will NOT dictate role-play. That said, the following role play scenarios are NOT permitted in Tassis; the Bazi Plague, Dar Kosis, slave pregnancies, abortions.

Role play that could influence the build or city buildings must be approved, the burning of buildings for example without admin consent cannot be done haphazardly on a whim.

META-GAMING: A player is meta-gaming when they use knowledge, not gained through role play, to change, or influence the way they play their character (usually to give them an advantage. Meta-gaming is NOT allowed in Tassis.

GOD-MODDING: God-modding is defined as controlling another role-players responses, or controlling their actions during role-play. God-modding is NOT allowed in Tassis.

THOUGHT EMOTES: We define thought emotes as ‘thinking’ what your character cannot say due to possible IC ramifications. In Tassis, negative thought emotes without accompanying body language are not permitted. Either say it, or keep it to yourself. If negative thought emotes are used (with no corresponding body language), role players may respond to them as if your thoughts were spoken word.

FADE TO BLACK: Tassis supports the use of FTB (Fade To Black) when role players do not feel comfortable role playing the details of that specific scene. If someone asks you to FTB the correct response is ‘OKAY’. FTB does not invalidate RP, or halt story progression.

NPC GUARDS/CHARACTERS – NPC Guards and Characters are permitted, they can be spoken about and used to add depth to a scene. They cannot engage in combat, or effect the outcome of any combat. In other words; a Free Woman traveling with an NPC guard has no more protection in the real sense than one traveling without one.

GOODS & TRADES: Goods and currency used in trades consists of role play props and imaginary items and the economy included in the zCS meter system. We do not trade for L$, G&S goods, etc.